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Cow Work Cheat Sheet... Tips For Riding & Training Cutting Horses, Cow Horses & Ranch Sorting Horses!

Here's what you'll get with the "Cow Work" mini horse training course:

  • Three individual parts... Video, audio & written instruction.
  •  Correct body control to give your horse an advantage.
  • How to create "confidence" in your horse to work a cow.
  • Learn how to use your hands, legs and reins correctly.
  • How to "read" a cow so you know what it's going to do.
  • Solutions for correcting mistakes when working a cow.

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About the "Cow Work Cheat Sheet" Mini Horse Training Course

When you register for this online training course, you'll receive one part of the program (via email) each day for three days. Each part will contain either video, audio or written instruction to help you teach your horse to spin. All the instruction is very clear and easy to understand.

Although this course will give you a tremendous amount of valuable information, it's not intended to be the only step you take to further your horse's training. Rather, it's intended to be the initial steps to help you begin the training process for working cattle.

Your FREE 3-Part "Cow Work Cheat Sheet"

Part 1:

In "Part 1", you'll receive a training video which contains information that’s absolutely critical if you want your horse to be confident and consistently good when working a cow.

The video shows me schooling a young filly on cattle. I work on building her confidence, getting control and using her body correctly.

In part 1, you'll also learn how to use your hands, reins, legs and spur pressure. You'll also learn important "timing" elements of how to apply each one.

Part 2:

In “Part 2”, you’re going to learn the most common MISTAKES riders make when working cattle.

They are to be avoided at all costs.
Why? Because making these mistakes could RUIN YOUR HORSE.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do things right the first time… and every time, you put your horse on a cow.

If there’s any chance you’re making any of these mistakes yourself, you gotta get Part 2 where I share the SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS.

Part 3:

In "Part 3", you’ll watch a new training video, plus listen to a special audio recording.


What I share with you in part 3 is probably going to tee-off a few people… especially ranchers and folks who’ve been around cattle a lot.

However, it’s important information for you to know so definitely don’t miss it.

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