If Your Horse Won't Slow Down or Stop... Won't Take The Correct Lead... Won't Side-Pass or Easily Turn... You Need to See This!

How to Lope Slow with Complete Control

Imagine taking your horse out for an enjoyable ride.

You’re sitting relaxed and comfortable in the saddle. The reins are hanging loose. After a short warm up at the walk and trot, you cluck to your horse and ask him to lope.

He calmly steps into a nice, slow lope on the correct lead. The kind of lope you see on a smooth, well-trained ranch horse or reining horse.

This kind of horse lopes slow, free and relaxed. His head and neck are carried level and natural and he does so on a loose rein.

He stops, turns and backs up with only a light touch of the reins.

He responds to your leg cues… side-passes, picks up the correct leads and changes direction calmly without a fuss. You are able to ride this horse relaxed, without worry.

If this is the way you wished your horse would ride, this message is for you.

Reining and cutting horse trainer,
Larry Trocha

Hi – I’m Larry Trocha The horse trainer who created this online training course.

During my career, I’ve had the pleasure of training winning horses in reining, cutting, reined cow horse, ranch horse and barrel racing competition.

More than a few of those horses came to me with some serious training problems.

Problems like being out of control, not supple, high-headed, goes too fast, won’t slow down and won’t respond to the reins or the rider’s legs, etc, etc.

Out of necessity, I developed training methods which are so effective… they can be used to correct just about any training issues… on just about any horse.

We shot video footage of me applying the training methods to horses with actual training problems. The kind of problems that plague many horse owners.

I then assembled the information into an online horse training course which includes VIDEO, AUDIO and WRITTEN instruction.

In “real time”, you’ll see horses improve as the training actually happens. You’ll witness horses go from being out of control to being well trained and easy to control.

Even though the primary focus of this video series is loping slow with complete control… the training techniques you’ll learn here, will improve just about everything your horse does (or doesn’t do).

It will drastically improve your horse’s stops.

It’ll improve his turns, lead departures & lead changes.​

It’ll fix bad head position, plus greatly improve his willingness to please you.

​If you want your horse to be exceptionally good, this is the training he must have!

​Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn in the course:

  • The foundation for getting your horse more supple, soft and giving.​
  • ​How to teach your horse to WANT to go slow whenever you ask.
  • ​​How to teach your horse to stop lightly the instant you ask.
  • ​​How to teach your horse to pick up the correct lead.
  • ​​How to teach your horse to stop with NO VISIBLE CUES.
  • ​​How to greatly reduce your horse's "resistance" response.
  • ​​The #1 control factor of a horse's body (no, it's not his mouth).
  • ​​How to correct a horse that refuses to calmly walk, trot & lope on a loose rein.
  • ​​How to teach your horse to give to pressure and come to your hands.
  • ​​What "good" hands are and what they are "not". (extremely important)
  • ​How to get your horse a lot lighter and more responsive.
  • ​​A fool-proof way of improving your horse's turns.
  • ​​How to teach your horse to give to your hands and flex at the poll.
  • ​​How to teach your horse to respond to leg pressure and move his hindquarters.
  • ​​How to teach your horse both lateral and vertical flexion.
  • ​​How to control your horse's shoulders. (vital for good turns & suppleness).
  • ​​What to do if the training doesn't go right.

This online course teaches MULTIPLE training techniques.

Training techniques that will fit a wide variety of horses and riders.

It doesn’t matter if your horse is simply “green” or an old, confirmed run-a-way with a hard mouth and a ton of bad habits.

Doesn’t matter what your level of horsemanship… novice or advanced… you’ll have success (or at least vast improvement) with the training techniques you learn in this course!

Special videos included in this training course... Study them carefully. Your life may depend on it.

In this training course, I’ve included a series of 3 videos showing a 9-year old paint mare which is dangerously out of control.

She put her owner in the hospital on 3 separate occasions. The poor lady has suffered broken ribs, fractured vertebrae in her back and fractured vertebrae in her neck. She’s lucky to still be alive.

You’ll see me riding this mare outside the arena where she acts the worst. She’s super hyper as well as extremely barn sour and buddy sour.

You’ll see solutions to this extreme behavior which no other videos address as well as these. It’s a valuable education which will serve you well when dealing with the most difficult horse you can imagine.

Allows you to confidently ride your horse... knowing you're in complete control.

Have you ever ridden a horse that makes you nervous?

Maybe the horse you own right now?

My guess is, you’re nervous because you know you can’t control that horse. You can’t control his speed, you can’t control his direction and you can’t easily stop him.

I’m also guessing, the son-of-a-gun probably got you hurt. And now, your confidence is shaken.

Answer this question...

How confident would you feel driving a car that had a broken steering wheel… brakes that didn’t work… and the accelerator sticks wide open?

​Would you feel safe driving that car?

The fact is… it’s no different with a horse!

A horse must have good steering… excellent brakes and a smooth working accelerator.

If he doesn’t… he’s dangerous to ride… a wreck waiting to happen!

Certainly, you will NEVER become confident riding an un-trained horse like that.

Right now, with this training course, you have the perfect opportunity to learn how to fix that stuff. Fix it so you can get your confidence back.

After you finish watching these videos, you’ll KNOW how to correct your horse’s problems.

If your horse isn't controllable or safe to ride, you really only have 3 options.

Option #1. Take the time to learn how to train or correct the horse you currently own.

Option #2. Send your horse to a professional trainer and hopefully he’ll train your horse. (Yes, just because your horse is at the trainer’s place doesn’t mean he’s actually riding him)

Option #3. Buy a NEW horse who’s already well-trained… and learn how to “maintain” his good training.

Here’s the bottom line…

No matter which option you choose, you STILL need to learn the horse training techniques I demonstrate in this series of videos. If you want a good, dependable horse who will STAY that way, you really have no choice.

If you don’t learn it, the horse you sent to the trainer, will eventually revert back to his old problems. If you don’t know how to MAINTAIN his training, he’ll simply lose it.

Same thing with any new horse you buy. If you don’t know how to maintain his good training, he’ll quickly degenerate into a poorly-trained horse.

Horses either ADVANCE or DEGENERATE to the level of their rider. That’s why it’s so important for you to learn these training techniques.

Read the above two sentences again. Critical for you to understand.

This training course has 27 videos and over 6-hours of instruction by champion horse trainer, Larry Trocha.

I want to make it clear… the instruction you get in this training course is NOT mere theory.

These are proven, cutting-edge training methods I’ve perfected over years as a professional horseman… who has taken horses with training problems and turned them into productive saddle horses… as well as winning championships with them in the show arena.

I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it in the SAFEST, most EFFECTIVE way possible. In simple steps, you’ll learn how to make your horse much safer to ride as well as having him preform like a well-trained horse.

Take advantage of this special offer while it's still available... ​including the added bonuses!

Watch the videos as many times as you’d like for an entire year (365-days).

You can access them on any COMPUTER, TABLET or SMART PHONE with an internet connection.

If you personally went to a professional trainer and tried to get this kind of education on your own, it would cost at least $2800 in lessons and training fees.

Probably a lot more, depending on where you live. (and that’s if you could even find a trainer who knows this information… let alone teach it!). 

Luckily, this unique horse training course is being offered at a ridiculously low price of only $97… that’s less than .27 cents a day!

Get started by becoming a member today!

Start by clicking the “Join Now” button below. Then, fill out the secure “Check Out” page.

A few minutes after you submit your order, you’ll receive an email containing your username and password. Login and start watching. Okay, do it now and I’ll see you in the “Members Area”.


Lope Slow with Complete Control

27 videos, 6-hours of online video instruction.
Plus all the additional bonuses.

1-year membership: $97

When you become a member today, ​you're going to get ​these special bonuses.

Bonus #1

​How to avoid the big mistakes that 99​​% of riders make but aren’t even aware of.​

As a special bonus, I’ve included some unique bonus videos.

Some of my members sent in a video of themselves schooling their horse. In the videos, they attempt to get the horses to STOP, SPIN, CHANGE LEADS and LOPE SLOW.

They asked for my help so I did a voice-over of the videos… and using “stop action” and “freeze frame”, I pointed out all the mistakes and what needed to be done to correct them.

I explain how to improve their stops, spins, lead changes and loping speed.

I believe you’ll find the bonus videos contain some of the most valuable instruction you’ve ever seen. ​(A $50 value)

Bonus #2

How to train your horse with a braided hackamore (bosal) and an O-ring snaffle bit.

Have you ever wanted your horse to be so light he responded to the slightest touch of the reins?

If so, this instruction may be exactly what you’re looking for.

As a bonus, you’ll get full access to my online training course titled:

Hackamore Training” with a braided bosal and snaffle bit.

If you ride with a braided bosal or a standard snaffle bit, you’ll love this video.

Special emphasis is given to teaching your horse  lightness, suppleness, sliding stops, rollbacks, spins, lead departures and good head position. (A $47 value)

Bonus #3

Have Larry evaluate your horse’s training problems and offer the best solution.

For a limited time… Larry is offering to evaluate your horse’s training problems plus offer advice on how to correct it.

Upload a video of your horse’s problems to youtube.com and email Larry the page address of the video. (the URL)

​He will analyze the video and contact you to offer the best solutions.

​This is a rare opportunity for you to get advice from a top professional horse trainer.

​Take advantage of it now while it’s still available.

A $100 value but it’s yours FREE when you join now and become a member!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I know what it’s like to ride a horse with serious behavior issues. It’s no fun… and it can be down-right dangerous.

If you’re in this type of situation with your horse, I know how you feel… desperate to find a solution that really works.

I want you to know, in this training course, I’ve got you covered.

You can’t go wrong here. This course can take you and your horse to a new level… fast!

I guarantee you’ll find a solution to your horse’s bad behavior problems in this online training course. If not, simply send me an email or phone call and I’ll personally guide you to it.

And I guarantee it’ll work just like I say or I’ll give your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training course available on DVD?

No, it isn’t.

I prefer having the course online because it allows me to occasionally add more content to the course.

With DVDs I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Even if it would, it’d take 6 or 7 DVDs to hold all the information in the course. Which means the retail price would need to be a lot higher.

I don’t know much about the internet. Is this online training course easy to access and use?


When you purchase a membership to this course, you are given a username and password. Simply login (the link is at the top of every page) and click on the course membership you purchased. You will then be automatically taken to the course.

The links to the content will be in a menu on the left side of the page. If you are using a tablet or smart phone, the menu may be at the bottom of the page instead of the left.

​I have a slow internet connection. Will I be able to watch the videos?

Yes, but only if you access the videos via your smart phone.

The videos are optimized to watch on any devise (computer, tablet or smart phone). If your internet connection is super slow,  the videos won’t play well on a computer.

However, they will load and play fine on your smart phone.

​If I have problems accessing the course or watching the videos, is help available?

Yes, absolutely!

Go the the “Contact Us” page and you will find links to information that will help… or send us an email for help… or call us on the phone.

My horse is kind of hot and not very well trained. Sometimes uncontrollable. How can I be sure this training course will help me?

The training techniques in this course are laid out step by step… and have been successful on every kind of horse you can imagine.

It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you can’t find what you need, simply email or call me for help.

You also have the option of uploading a video of your horse’s problem. I’ll watch it and offer solutions.


Lope Slow with Complete Control

27 videos, 6-hours of online video instruction.
Plus all the additional bonuses.

1-year membership: $97