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Saddle Guarantee/Return Policy

Reining and cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha

Hi - I'm Larry Trocha.

On this website, are saddles for sale which I have personally ridden and tested on my own horses.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase a saddle, call me at (209) 642-2804 or email:

I stand behind these saddles and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. See the details below.

Guarantee/Return Policy... The Details

I offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on every "Five Star" saddle. If you don’t want to keep the saddle for any reason, simply give me a call and send it back in "like-new" condition (without any scratches or marks) for a refund of the purchase price.

However… there are always a few “unscrupulous” people who try to abuse a good deal like this… so there are some restrictions and I’ve listed them below.

#1. Call me to let me know you are sending the saddle back and WHY.

#2. The saddle must be in "like-new" condition... no scratches or marks of any kind. No dirty sheepskin either. If it’s scarred up or discolored in any way… I’m NOT going to give you a refund. Sorry, if you don’t take good care of the saddle, don’t expect a refund.

#3. The saddle must be returned and arrive back to me within 30 days of purchase. The saddle must be packaged and protected the same way you received it. Especially the horn & cantle.

#4. Shipping charges and/or insurance is YOUR responsibility. Those charges are not included in the refund. (Yes, I can just hear the “would-be” scammers groaning right now =o)

#5. If a saddle is returned with scratches or any kind of damage, we have the option of refusing to accept the saddle or charging a $250 to $800 re-stocking fee to be deducted from your refund to cover our costs.

#6. If you order a saddle with unusual specifications, this guarantee is null and void. Example: A gullet width which is too narrow or too wide to fit an average sized Quarter Horse. A seat size smaller than 15 inches or larger than 17 inches. Skirts ordered shorter than 26 inches or longer than 28 inches.

Important facts:
Unless you're really "sure" you want a good, high-quality saddle like these, don't order one.

If you are unable to "lift" a normal weight saddle onto your horse's back, don't order one.

If you are unrealistic about the size seat you require (300 lbs rider wanting a 14 inch seat), please don't order one.

If you want to order a saddle  with some kind of unusual feature,  I'm not going to allow a return, as the saddle will be unsuitable for anybody else.

The same goes when ordering a seat 17 inches or larger. You can not return it as it will fit very few averaged size people.

Okay, any questions, send an email to or give me a call at (209) 642-2804… do NOT contact me through Facebook or any other means.

Take care and thanks for your business.

Larry Trocha

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